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What is Blood Pit?
Blood Pit is a game of gladiatorial combat that is set in a fantasy world. However, unlike most online games today, Blood Pit does not rely on your reflexes or hand-eye coordination to determine the outcome. Instead, Blood Pit is a game of pure strategy and skill, where you will use your intellect and knowledge of tactics to outwit your opponents. 

In Blood Pit, you participate as the manager of a team of gladiators. Players may manage from as little as one, up to as many as five teams. Each team always consists of five individual warriors. As veteran warriors retire, or (more likely) die in combat, new recruits join the ranks, ensuring that each team always has exactly five members.

Combat takes place in the Blood Pit Arena.  Here your gladiators will face opponents from other managers in single or group matchups, as you choose.  Your objective is simple:  through your training and guidance create, the most powerful and fearsome warriors the Pit has ever seen, crush the gladiators of your opponents, and dominate the Arena,

Blood Pit is a turn based game.  Turns run once per week.  Each turn warriors whose managers submitted orders that week are matched with suitable opponents. Combat occurs, and the results are then distributed back to those managers.  Warriors of managers who do not submit orders for a given week do not fight, they are assumed to be recovering until the next time they play.  The point of this is that you may play Blood Pit as often as you like, and there is no penalty to you or your warriors for missing turns.

Blood Pit is a game of strategy, as such the game is text based.  Fights are reported in a plain English blow-by-blow narrative.  Even without fancy graphics the fights are still quite er. . . um . . . colorful.  "The blow lands with flesh-splattering fury!!!" It's not the kind of English you hear everyday anyway.  Here is an example fight.  

Blood Pit is completely FREE to play.  There are no startup fees and no per turn fees.  The game will remain free to play as long as I am able to do so.  See this page for information on how  to get started.
The original game concept for Blood Pit was created by Randy Baker and Jim Townsend.   Artwork by Richard Thomas, Chris McDonough, Jeff Rebner, and Joshua Timbrook.  Blood Pit is currently run, maintained, and enhanced by "The Keeper".